Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's been AWHILE...Deja Vu...

Again, ITS BEEN AWHILE!!! Seems like this is a reoccurring start, which I am not at all proud of. But yeah here it is again.

So it's a new year 2010, and you know what, as challenging as 2009 was, it was a good year. It went really fast, but a good year. Okay so lets play year in review. Going to try and keep these in chronological order:

  • Moved to FL from MD.
  • Found out we were pregnant, no jobs. (Happy and scared.)
  • Applying for jobs to make sure med bills are paid.
  • Medicare helps out. (Thank You Lord.)
  • Offered a job to work from home. (Not that good at all.)
  • Find out we are going to have a son. (Wow, I'm going to be a daddy.)
  • Offered a job to work in a warehouse. (Not expecting it, but again Thank You Lord.)
  • Video game blog goes live. (Awesome!)
  • Financial cut backs. (Things are going to be affected.)
  • Video game blog goes dark. (It WILL be back.)
  • Wife's on bed rest, time is close. (I'm ready.)
  • Baby stuff, baby classes, baby everything. (I'm loving this.)
  • 5 year Anniversary. (And more to come.)
  • Find the love of racquetball. (2-3hrs of sweating.)
  • It's time, it's time! (Let's go have us a baby.)
  • Just watched my son being born. (In shock, awe and wonderment. God is Amazing.)
  • Loving being a dad. (Loving being a daddy.)
  • AAA games on the horizon. (COD4:MW2!!!)
  • Live account goes Silver. (Noooo, oh well no multi on Live.)
  • Lots of free trial cards. (Where there is a way...)
  • Son's 1st Thanksgiving. (Harvest pics)
  • Modern Warfare 2!! (As Epic as Expected.)
  • Son's 1st Christmas. (All about the Birth of Christ yo!)
  • Happy New Year!!!! (2010)
  • itsBasic Gaming to be started AGAIN!! (Yes it WILL!)

Yup, that was pretty much 2009. So 2010 is here and so LET'S GO!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

Hey guys,

Well it's definately been awhile since I've dropped an update. Well, alls well folks, alls well. Things are going along. There are a couple new things going on, some i'll say, some I'll let time pass and slowly release info. Most importantly, I do believe we've found a church home. For those who know us, that was like a major concern when moving from Maryland to Florida. We will be going to Faith Assembly. I took some pics and vid of it and I'll get it up. I tried putting it up on my facebook, but for some reason it doesn't post. Sigh, thats okay we'll try here.

Folks, I HAVE A JOB!!!!! Awesome!!! Yeah, I've been out of work since October of last year and with everything, the move and all that, I need a job bad. December Philippa, my wife, she resigned, and so from January thru now, we both didn't have jobs or insurance. We are with her parents who are just awesome until we get on our feet. Well, I hope that that will be soon now I have a job. I work for 3 Star Media, check em out online, they are great!!! Even better, folks, I WORK FROM HOME!!!! WHAT!?!?! Yeah awesome, that's what my God is, Awesome!! Lot's of praying and folks praying. You know what, even though we didn't have a job, and things were happening around us and to us, thru it all, we always believed and said to people, hey God's got this. He's our Provider and so we are Trusting Him. Thank You God. And like I said Lord, to You, I give You all the glory and praise!! I ask that You keep me well in the job and it's thru You I will succeed.

Shadow is now 1 year old!! Yup my puppy is not a puppy anymore. He's broken the 60+lbs mark and man he's a beast at times. Luckily he knows who's the boss.

My gaming blog, itsBASICGaming, iBG for short, is up. I'm getting back to it now that things are alittle calmer around here. Check it out when you can

Folks, I mean, hey I'm here guys. I'm good. Actually, I'm great :)

I'll get at yall later.



Friday, January 30, 2009

Get Some Munn Pie Yall

The two things I like, Pie and AOTS!!! Enjoy and eat it all up :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's ALIVE...

So I guess my biggest announcement is the birth of my gaming blog, itsBASIC Gaming. It's been a long time coming, but finally it's up. It will be a couple of weeks of posting and I'm always looking to improve on it. Right now, look for 2 post a week. When things are going, look for more.

Thanks to my hot, beautiful, sexy wife for her help and also look out for some of her posts. After all, she is a gamer!!!

If you want to contribute an article to itsBASIC Gaming, email it here:

Thanks again and enjoy...

So What's New...

Hey folks. So what's new? Well couple things. First, the move from Maryland to Florida. Yup, we are out of the cold, which as of yesterday it was snowing and low 20's, to the warm, where today it's 70's sunny ans slight breeze. The way I see it, Orlando is on top. The move was a move of faith and we aren't looking back. We felt that God really wanted us here. Why, not sure yet, but when He makes it known, it's going to be like WOW!!! Secondly, we have no jobs!! Now a lot of people already are saying then why did you move? What you going to do? To that I say, see above. What part of God's got this do you understand. Third, the brats, i.e. the dogs, are just loving it...i think...minus the heat. They are getting used to it. Sad part is that it's not even summer yet. But they have a nice fenced in back yard to run and play. The walks are nice and the soil is soft sand, so they can dig, which they have figured out on their own. See I know, cause I am out there refilling the holes. Fourth, we went to a career fair out by the college, University of Central Florida, to check out what's going on. Well, nothing came out of it. One, the employers were very position specific and two, it was mostly for internships, accounts, and finance. Oh well, the search continues. Fifth, WE FOUND A CHURCH!!! Okay, well, we'll see. We went to a church and it was pretty good. It was faith Assembly. The set up and just the atmosphere was just like Redeemer, our church in Maryland. We are definitely going back again this Sunday and I'm bringing my camera.

All in all, it's be a week and a half and things are finally shaping up. I think we are rooted in for now. The family is great. I haven't connected with too many friends yet and man i miss my family and friends in Maryland.

But hey, stay tuned. I just know more news from Orlando is still to come.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Pictures from the Puppy Play Date...

Here are some picture from our puppy play date...

Puppy Play Date: Part Deux

Well, this weekend we had our 2nd puppy play date. There were 7 dogs in all and 6 of them were siblings. 3 were from the 1st litter and 3 were from this recent litter. It was great to just have all of them together for our last puppy party here in Maryland before we head on out and move back to Florida. We've been here for 4 years going on 5 and we're really going to miss this place, especially the people. It's like a chapter is being closed in our book, and a new one is about to begin.
We love you all and we are going to miss yall. Jennifer, that's for our puppy family.


Keep itBASIC...