Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's been AWHILE...Deja Vu...

Again, ITS BEEN AWHILE!!! Seems like this is a reoccurring start, which I am not at all proud of. But yeah here it is again.

So it's a new year 2010, and you know what, as challenging as 2009 was, it was a good year. It went really fast, but a good year. Okay so lets play year in review. Going to try and keep these in chronological order:

  • Moved to FL from MD.
  • Found out we were pregnant, no jobs. (Happy and scared.)
  • Applying for jobs to make sure med bills are paid.
  • Medicare helps out. (Thank You Lord.)
  • Offered a job to work from home. (Not that good at all.)
  • Find out we are going to have a son. (Wow, I'm going to be a daddy.)
  • Offered a job to work in a warehouse. (Not expecting it, but again Thank You Lord.)
  • Video game blog goes live. (Awesome!)
  • Financial cut backs. (Things are going to be affected.)
  • Video game blog goes dark. (It WILL be back.)
  • Wife's on bed rest, time is close. (I'm ready.)
  • Baby stuff, baby classes, baby everything. (I'm loving this.)
  • 5 year Anniversary. (And more to come.)
  • Find the love of racquetball. (2-3hrs of sweating.)
  • It's time, it's time! (Let's go have us a baby.)
  • Just watched my son being born. (In shock, awe and wonderment. God is Amazing.)
  • Loving being a dad. (Loving being a daddy.)
  • AAA games on the horizon. (COD4:MW2!!!)
  • Live account goes Silver. (Noooo, oh well no multi on Live.)
  • Lots of free trial cards. (Where there is a way...)
  • Son's 1st Thanksgiving. (Harvest pics)
  • Modern Warfare 2!! (As Epic as Expected.)
  • Son's 1st Christmas. (All about the Birth of Christ yo!)
  • Happy New Year!!!! (2010)
  • itsBasic Gaming to be started AGAIN!! (Yes it WILL!)

Yup, that was pretty much 2009. So 2010 is here and so LET'S GO!!!

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